The Real Truth About Living and Working Permanently in Canada

by Makepeace Emekoba | 02, July 2021

If you are interested in moving to Canada this year and getting all the benefits of a permanent resident, this 3 mins article is definitely for you.

As a travel coach, I have been getting a lot of requests to make a post about relocating to Canada.

At first, I didn't pay much attention to this because there are many websites out there with tons of information on this subject.

But I guessed Nigerians want something real that is coming from a trusted and experienced person.

And since I am yet to travel to Canada myself, I didn't post anything about the topic until now.

That is because early last month, I finally found someone trustworthy, a fellow Nigerian man who processed his entire immigration to Canada all by himself without wasting money and getting duped by agents.

He even got a good job within 2 weeks of arriving in Canada.

Not just that, he has also helped over 47 Nigerians to move to Canada as well.

I wrote this article based on the information I got from him.

With the present condition of the country, I really don't blame any Nigerian who is looking for a better life for themselves and their family.

Truth is... Canada is a great country and home to about 200,000 Nigerians.

As a permanent resident in Canada, you enjoy:

Free quality education for your children.

Free and premium health care.

But if you want to relocate to Canada, you have to shine your eyes well so that you simply don't waste a lot of money trying to process your relocation.

Let's start with this...

Canada's target is to bring in 1 million immigrants between 2021 to 2023.

You probably know this already.

For 2021 alone, the Canadian authorities announced that they are welcoming 310,000 people.

1 million people is a lot but that does not mean everyone who applies will get in.

First, their immigration programs suit people who are between ages 17- 45

If you are over 45, it will be difficult for you to get in.

If you are within this age range of 17- 45 and you are interested,

Then NOW is the right time to make a move.

That is because...

Canada's immigration policies changes from time to time

What this means is this...

As more people apply and try to get into Canada, the policies get tighter.

The minimum requirements that got people into Canada 2 years ago won't get you in today.

That means the best time for you to start processing your relocation is now.

If you wait till 6 months time, well, the policies could have tightened up by then making it more difficult for you.

Another reason why many people won't get in is...

Relocating to Canada is a big investment especially if you are coming with your family.

This is the simple truth.

Relocating to Canada isn't for everyone especially if you are struggling to put food on the table.

Don't believe anyone who says otherwise.

Relocating to Canada will cost you some money.

I can't give you a specific amount tho..

If you think getting the funds to relocate to Canada isn't a big issue for you,

And relocating to Canada to work and live happily in 2021 is part of your goals,

Then the next thing you ought to know is that there's a new program that the Canadian Government just launched recently.

Here is the good news:

This is the ONLY Canada relocation program that allows you to become a permanent Canadian resident even if you do not have a degree.

With this new program, you can get a job anywhere in Canada before arrival.

And you are allowed to move with your entire family.

It does not require high IELTS score (4.0 is okay).

Age does not matter.

Not based on points (like Express Entry).

Many smart Nigerians are already using this method to relocate to Canada. 

But like other immigration channels, it will soon become highly competitive.

And that is why the time to learn more about it and start processing your relocation is NOW

Mr. Daniel Nejo (a Nigerian immigration expert based in Canada) created a video to explain how this new program works and how you can take advantage of it today.

If you are interested, click here to WATCH VIDEO.

I wish you success as you begin to process your immigration.

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