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by Prisca Mbagwu | 1st October, 2022

You are here ​​​​​​​​​because you want a lasting solution to your excess weight.

You are tired of jumping from one diet to another, trying out every new slimming tea or coffee or body wrap, only to be disappointed.

You want to fit into all those amazing dresses you have sitting in your closet.

You are tired of hearing people tell you, you can’t eat Nigerian foods and lose the weight.

You are tired of buying bigger and bigger clothes whenever you go shopping.

You are tired of this weight impeding the things you want to do with your life.

You can’t wait to gain your confidence back, so you can go out and live the life you truly want.

The never-ending cycle of losing weight only to add it back is frustrating...

Friends and even family have mocked you and blamed you for being big.

Every time you try to start all over, they are there to remind you about all the times you’ve failed....

At this point, you probably believe you’ll never lose the weight.

You are thinking, maybe you are meant to be fat...

What if I told you, it's not your fault you've been unsuccessful.

You have these terrible cravings you can’t seem to fight, no matter how disciplined you try to be.

You’ve been told it’s a genetic thing, your family has always been big.

You really really want to lose the weight, but you seem to lack the motivation to keep going.

You keep starting and stopping, and you are wondering...

“What’s wrong with me?”

 “Why can’t I be like those people dropping the weight?”

“When will I share my transformation?”

I have GOOD NEWS for you!


Trust me, I know where you are right now.

It was the day someone asked if I was pregnant I knew I had to do something about my protruding belly.

I was tired of buying only certain styles of clothing to make the belly less obvious.

Over the next 2 years, I struggled to get results... until I finally did!

My name is Mrs. Prisca Mbagwu.

I am about to tell you a story about my transformation from weighing 137 kg to 109 kg in 8 weeks using the 28 DAY BODY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM I bought online from Coach Olu Aijotan, Nigeria No. 1 Nutrition and Fitness Coach.

I have been overweight since I was born.

I always feel embarrassed whenever I want to use public transport.

People complaining, I occupy lots of space.

I have tried lots of weight loss pills, going to the gym and workout for hours.

I can tell you those didn't work, instead I was adding weight, which is very annoying.

I remember I bought a weight loss product from Instagram for ₦75k, which is very expensive.

It did work, but the result was very slow.

I only lost 6kg after finishing the products.

Two weeks later, I gained more weight, which is very annoying and my ₦75k wasted.

I was furious about the money I paid without achieving my desire results.

I called the company to complain.

Do you know what they said? That I should order for their premium product which cost about ₦100k.

When I heard that, I angrily hung up the call.

I told myself I was not going to ever purchase any product concerning weight loss again.

I was living my normal life even though I wasn't happy that I was overweight.

One fateful day I was on Facebook and I saw this ad on how to burn fats with a special NIGERIAN MEAL DIET PLAN.

I clicked on the ads, watched the video about the product and I was impressed, so I bought the product for ₦25K.

Which is way cheaper compared to products I have purchased in the past that didn't work.

It’s a digital product containing information on how one can lose weight with SPECIAL NIGERIAN MEALS.

You don't have to starve yourself or undergo expensive surgery.

Immediately, I started following the process.

Between a week I was seeing changes in my body.

I have lost some fat.

About a month the results were very impressive, lost 18kg in a month.

People who knew me were like, how did you do it?

Well, I smiled.

Some of my friends, who were overweight, begged me to tell them the secret.

I told them about the product and they purchased it as well and started getting similar results as well.

There are lots of people like me out there who have tried lots of weight loss products that didn't work or wasted money for gym and still yet nothing.

Are you in this category?



I am recommending what I did that worked for me which is Coach Olu Aijotan 28 BODY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM selling at 50% Discount today.

This NEW price is half of what I spend on getting it and the crazy part is, you get your money back if it didn't work for you, which is unlikely because it has work for me and my friends.

The program can also make you BURN BELLY FAT and have a FLAT STOMACH if you are okay with your weight.

Here are some Coach Olu Aijotan clients that have used the 28 DAY BODY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM.

Let me show you what people are saying on Facebook about Coach Olu Aijotan.

You can see people getting excited and wanting the products. 

Some who have used his free program have benefited from it.

Remember, I bought mine for ₦25k.

He is doing a Promo Today.

Don't Miss it.

If you have DATA, you can watch the 40 minutes FREE VIDEO on how the program works.

In the Video you will learn:

  • Why too much of fat is dangerous to the heart.
  • How fat is stored in our body.
  • How too much of fat can cause real health issues in our body.
  • Two Nigerian meals you should add to your diet to burn fat.
  • More testimonies from people who have used the program.
  • How to join today.

If you used Coach Olu Aijotan 28 DAY BODY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM for 90 days without achieving reasonable results, he will refund you back your money, which is crazy because those guys on Instagram didn’t refund my ₦75k for their product that didn’t work.

The program is ₦12,500 and is working for me and thousands of people.

This program is designed to help you lose 7-15kg per month and tone your entire body, including problem areas like your belly and arms.

You will not only lose the fat, you’ll learn to keep it off forever and keep your blood sugar in check. ​

Rejuvenate your mind and body and reclaim your health!

You’ll achieve these and more eating Nigerian meals you love and without slaving at a gym!

No more magic pills and bogus diets that don’t work.

It’s time for REAL RESULTS!

You can see how beautiful and younger these women are when they lose weight.  

Their skin is glowing. 

You can achieve this too with just Nigerian foods.

You don't have to starve yourself to lose weight.

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